Pragia riders on rampage as they block roads over KMA CBD ban

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As a group of commercial tricycle (Pragia) riders protested the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s (KMA) restrictions, the Aboabo highway in Kumasi came to a complete standstill.

There is now friction between the riders and the KMA as a result of the protest, which raises worries about traffic snarls.

The tricycle riders engaged in the demonstration in an effort to oppose the KMA’s decongestion exercise, which attempted to restrict their operations to a particular area of the city.

They feel that this action compromises their ability to function properly and threatens their way of life.

As Zongo Communities leaders work to regain order, commuters and drivers have been stuck in traffic.

The police, however, have already left, leaving the Zongo Community officials to work on reestablishing order.

In an effort to maintain order and stop more disruptions, community leaders have taken proactive steps to stop the youth from burning tires in the middle of the road.

The situation, in which tensions are still high, highlights the difficulties that local governments have when trying to reduce congestion in urban areas.

Muntaka Mubarak, a member of parliament from the Asewase seat, was successful in persuading the demonstrators to transfer to Aboabo Park.


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