SIM re-registration ends today

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This Friday, September 30, 2022, marks the expiration of the extended deadline for SIM card re-registration.

The Communications and Digitalization Ministry has already created a list of sanctions against people who will miss the deadline, some of which started to take effect on September 5.

If the subscribers do not re-register the cards within six months of the deactivation, the subscribers’ SIM cards may be deactivated and their numbers may be allocated to someone else.

Some subscribers who could lose their subscriptions find the situation to be discouraging.

“I use my SIM card for everything.

Since I don’t have a bank account, I use that to save my savings, so if they block my SIM, I’ll be helpless and scared.

The government established a deadline for everyone to update their SIM card registration on their Ghana Cards.

The rules are intended to assist law enforcement authorities in tracking down offenders who use phones for illegal purposes, identifying SIM card owners, and preventing phone theft, hate texting, mobile fraud, and SIM box fraud.

In order to employ value-added services like mobile banking, mobile money, and electronic payment systems, they must also assist in identifying customers.


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