Stop protecting Ofori-Atta; he is less significant than 30 million people – Lecturer to the Majority

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Johnathan Asante, a political analyst and senior lecturer at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), has urged the majority caucus in parliament to quit protecting Ken Ofori-Atta, the minister of finance.

He asserts that the 30 million people suffering from the nation’s ongoing economic distress are more significant than the Finance Minister.

“The most important thing is that his policies are not working which is the more reason why the cedi has depreciated against the dollar in an unprecedented manner in the Fourth Republic. Where inflation finds itself and so on and so forth, all because of the depreciation of the cedi. So, if you look at that and still you hear people still defending the finance minister then I don’t really know the reason. Is it that the finance minister as a person is more important than the 30 million people in this country?” Mr. Asante asked.

He asserts that the majority caucus in parliament is undecided over the censure vote and warns that the development may raise ethical concerns for their party.

Jonathan Asante lamented the fact that the President’s persistent actions are driving away foreign investors and leaving us in abject poverty.

Therefore, speculatively, foreign investors lack trust as long as you maintain such a person in that position.

They want a fresh look and a new direction, and they want to test their credibility by producing some sort of reform that the government will follow.

These are some of the fundamental concepts that the President should know, he added.

“It’s equally making people speculate, what is it that is binding the two of you, is it that you guys have been involved in some gruesome transaction?  Is it also the case that the President is still owing the Finance Minister in terms of his political financing?

“As you can see, all these hypothetical parts are coming together.

This has now tarnished your political legacy in the eyes of the public.

such as the behaviour the President has demonstrated over the last few years while in office.

If he is careless, he will end up becoming the worst former president Ghana has ever had.

He will be in a terrible situation since, in my opinion, the NPP is likely to lose this election in 2024 as a result of some of the President’s mistakes and a finance minister devoid of dignity and morals.

Mr. Asante questioned why the President would still be passionate about matters given his legal expertise.


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