There will be more pull-outs, this isn’t the NPP BJ da Rocha and others led – Prof Gyampo

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Professor Yaw Ransford Gyampo, a renowned senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, has issued a severe warning to the party following Hon. Alan Kyerematen’s departure from the NPP Presidential Primaries.

The warning, which is motivated by worries about fairness and the possibility for divisive techniques, draws attention to the rising conflicts within the party as it gets ready to choose its nominee for the General Elections of 2024.

With Alan Kyerematen’s resignation from the contest, the party is now in a precarious position. The former Trade and Industry Minister, who placed third in the inaugural race behind HE Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and Asin North MP Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, was seen to be a serious contender.

Many have made assumptions regarding the future path of the NPP leadership as a result of his decision to step down.

The NPP leadership and its members should take action in response to Professor Gyampo’s admonition. He warned that there is a real possibility of a rift inside the party’s ranks if things are not handled fairly within it.

The professor’s worries emphasize the necessity of openness, equity, and unanimity in the selecting procedure. It serves as a welcome reminder for the NPP to stay true to the ideas and principles that have guided its achievements thus far.

Professor Gyampo also emphasized the significance of statements made in public by people who are supposed to serve as impartial arbiters in the process.

These comments could damage the party members’ confidence in the leadership’s dedication to a fair and unbiased election if they are interpreted as prejudiced or political. Maintaining the party’s cohesion and unity throughout this important moment should be a key concern.

“I warned that if things aren’t done fairly, there could be breakup. I also warned about the public comments of those expected to be seen as neutral arbiters. There will be more pull-outs. This isn’t the NPP BJ da Rocha and others led”, Professor Yaw Ransford Gyampo posted on his Facebook page.

The NPP leader Alan Kyerematen resigned, underscoring the crucial nature of the 2024 Presidential Primaries. The party must now work to bring disparate sections together while maintaining the integrity and inclusiveness of the nomination process.

It is crucial to uphold the democratic traditions of the party.

Professor Gyampo’s warning ought to serve as a wake-up call as the NPP continues its effort to choose a candidate for the 2024 General Elections.

Leaders and members of the party must work hard to address issues, advance justice, and eschew divisive strategies. They can only overcome the difficulties in front of them and present a unified face to the electorate by doing this.

The NPP’s capacity to uphold its basic ideals and the values that have distinguished it throughout its history will determine whether or not it is successful in the future elections.


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